Boloria improba

Hostplant: Hostplants in Norway are reported to be Salix herbaceae and Salix reticulata. I used only S.herbaceae in my breeding.

Lifecycle and behavior: The female laid eggs usually on the underside of the leaves, but also on the stem of the hostplant. Sometimes she even laid eggs in the vicinity of the hostplant, and not directly on the hostplant itself. The eggs used 6-7 days to hatch. The larva can probably hibernate several times, depending on the weather conditions. I experienced larva that hibernated in L2, L3 and L4. One larva went all the way to pupation in the same season, so they can probably also hibernate as pupa. The butterfly is only found in Troms state in Norway, which is the second northernmost state in the country. The adult butterfly has its main flight period in July.

Note: The Scandinavian populations are regarded as its own subspecies, ssp. improbula.